Trust me, I've been there. After working in market research and market intelligence for roughly two years I know the challenges an analyst faces on a daily basis. While working on several projects in the automotive, information technology, and transportation and logistics sectors I've got to see both, the exciting and the repetitive sides of market research and market intelligence. On the other hand, while doing my Ph.D. in Computer Science and focusing on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing I learned how repetitive and time consuming tasks can be automated.


In many areas of today's business, it is vital to keep updated about markets or competitors. Frequently, however, sources of information lack actuality, transparency or clarity. While people put a lot of effort into simplifying technology such as user interfaces, it is often not easy to grasp all the business information about companies or markets available online.
Part of my work as a researcher in Computer Science has been to make technology and knowledge more accessible to people. However, this accessibility does not apply to the wealth of information we have today. Part of the mission we are addressing with TALOS is to provide equivalent accessibility to the vast amount of publicly available data for everyone – not just data experts.


Analyze it, understand it, visualize it. I have worked with excel tools and hours of online research. Let’s use technology to create fast reports, showing exactly what each individual needs, understanding where the information comes from and being sure that there are no careless mistakes.
I worked at several different companies from Bosch, Porsche, Brose, Phonomation and Siemens Healthineers. They all are great companies with strengths in their products. We strive to deliver exactly the information they need to take the best decisions.

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