Creating market and competitor insights from thousands of sources.

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Improve the competitive intelligence process through real-time data and automatically processed insights.


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Cutting edge research transformed into a fast and simple to use service platform. Everything in a single fully customizable interface.



Successful digitalization and innovation. Working together with your team in projects or workshops to enable them to achieve high quality results. 


Market information is the information that is relevant to a company's market - trends, competitors, customers, and rivals - that is monitored, collected, and analyzed in order to make accurate and reliable decisions in strategy development in areas such as market opportunities, market penetration strategy, and market development.

Market Intelligence is the foundation of any company's business plan, which is used to gain consumer insights and generate potential revenue. Market intelligence provides detailed insights into competitors, the latest market trends, consumer purchasing behavior, economic changes and demographic data. Intelligent business owners use intelligence solutions to develop effective marketing strategies.

Keeping track of your competition and the state of your industry is an essential part of running any business in a world where more and more data is available at an accelerating speed. Traditionally, this information is referred to as Market Intelligence

We strive to give you not only the information you need, but concrete analysis in an individualized cockpit. 

Dr. Sebastian Engel

Academy Lead at ZOLLHOF

As the academy lead in Germany's fastest-growing startup incubator, it is my job to understand the latest technologies and their fields of application. TALOS Insights has done a great job in providing an easy, fun and catchy exploration to AI and ML with in-depth insights and hands-on expertise.

Debora Frank

Strategic Coordination HR and Internal Services at Nürnberger Versicherung

I particularly liked the mixture of theory and practice in the AI workshop. Through small game units we were able to get to know and try out the functions and backgrounds of AI ourselves and thus understand it better.



Our team combines knowledge from the fields of entrepreneurship, sales, process management and marketing with machine learning (ML), reinforcement learning (RL), natural language processing (NLP), serverless computing and UI/UX design. We have worked for the 'Big Four' consulting firms and also for most prestigious companies in IT and  strategy development from department to top management.

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